Hi, we’re Khalil and AJ.   Thank you for visiting our blog!

We’ve spent many years (individually and collectively) striving to grow in what we are purposed to do. Whether that was through sport (football & gymnastics), school (PhDs), or a big faith move to Florida in 2015 right after our wedding… we’re continually striving to grow in discipline in every area of our lives.

And let’s be real… all the accolades, triumphs, and even struggles are a moot point if the core (heart) is rotten. Why gain the whole world and lose your soul… right?

Really and truly – We’re just a married couple, striving to walk in God’s love and growing in purpose each day. We enjoy exercising, cooking, budgeting, exploring, and embracing new adventures. We started this blog to share our passions as we navigate through this life, walking with others and encouraging them as they gain an understanding of their purpose as well.

It’s not easy (let’s be real, we are far from perfect!), but we are excited to share our journey and learn from yours along the way. We’re running with you!

We’re sure you have some questions. Like…

What exactly is Inside Out Life?

The heart of Inside Out Life is stewardship – being faithful or accountable to the life we’ve been given. Today, more than ever, we are surrounded by so much “flash and noise,” causing us to fall into the traps of superficiality and complacency. These things are temporal and fleeting, and they can easily distract us from what is truly of value – particularly, our God-given worth and purpose (a.k.a, the bigger picture). Living an inside out life is about acknowledging your values, understanding how/why they fit within your life’s purpose (again, the bigger picture), and carrying them out with discipline, persistence, and compassion.


I heard the mention of “God.” Are these resources only for those who are religious or who identify themselves as Christians?

Not at all. You will notice references to our faith in Christ and His teachings throughout our content. In light of His grace, we offer these resources to anyone who comes upon them. Our hope is to help others recognize their God-given worth and purpose while sharing perspectives on matters that many of us are going through (or have gone through).


What types of subjects do you address?

We address some of life’s common experiences and challenges within a variety of areas, including (but not limited to) family, marriage/relationships, health/fitness, finances, and career – all of these leading back to the overarching themes of stewardship and purpose. In addressing these areas, we hope to provide you with a lens that ignites self-reflection and a revitalized outlook on life.


And you may be curious to know a little more about us…

  • We are both former college athletes (Khalil played football at Troy University  and Adrienne was a gymnast at Auburn University)
  • We received our PhD’s from Auburn University (Khalil’s degree is in Exercise Science and Adrienne’s is in Higher Education Administration)
  • We moved to Florida immediately after our honeymoon.
  • We’re foodies. We love cooking and trying new restaurants and cuisines!
  • We have a heart for teaching and developing young adults (high school and college age) and married couples (at all stages of their journey).


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